About us

The Chamber of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania is one of the oldest agricultural organizations in Europe, established in 1926. Re-established in 1991, the Chamber of Agriculture has become the most influential and significant self-governance organization of farmers, having a significant input to development of modern, competitive Lithuanian agriculture. Continual work of the Chamber resulted in trust and respect among the farming society.

Today, the Chamber of Agriculture unites 42 professional, territorial and branch non-profit organizations.

Our mission is to promote the development of agriculture, rural sector and Lithuanian rural society, seeking for active dialogue with governmental institutions and resulting solutions, favourable to agriculture and rural development.

Chamber of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania assists the rural society in application of modern scientific knowledge, implementation of innovations, organization of projects with Lithuanian and foreign partners. Dialogue, partnership, international representation of interests and cooperation, dissemination of information and sharing gained experiences and knowledge are the cornerstones of international activities of the Chamber.

The Chamber seeks to assist governmental institutions in selecting the most appropriate instruments for successful implementation of agricultural and rural development plan, thus ensuring higher quality of decisions, taken nationally and coordinated with self-governance organization of farmers.

8800 participants in the Self-Government program
42 Members
15 acting projects

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